Linda Gilbert ART

Professional Holiday Window painting
will get your customers into the spirit!  Bright painted windows brighten everyone's day

If you like, you can choose from the styles and paintings that are on this website and I'll tell you their specific cost. My services start at €60. (There may be a travel charge if .)

For an estimate, I'll need info on your frontage with the areas you want painted, including access to the windows & height. Please send a picture of the front of your store!

The info I need from you: size of what you want and a measure of window area to be painted. (Rough footage area is OK.) Usually e-mailing a picture (with people in it for scale) works fine.

Usually a business will tell me their decorating budget and I'll explain what I can do for that price to make sure it's acceptable before I begin.

Custom designed requests, copying pictures or logos supplied by you, cartoons with figures and scenes usually begin at €100 and up, depending on the detail and area.

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